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comes your way in matter of minutes. >> they're calling it superstorm sandy. more than 100,000 people left without power. >> abc2 news chief meteorologist has beenractically living here for the past two days. >> i still cannot believe what happened to the pier down there. it's endured so many hurricane storms and could not get through superstorm sandy. it's up north basically about 50, 60 miles northwest of cumberland and the snow, as a result, still wrapping around the back side in garrett county, over two feet of snow.
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there's the ocean city pier, what's left of it. all you see are the pilings there. the waves beginning to calm down. kent island, watching the next high tide cycle at 7:00 tonight. the susquehanna, look at the movement. that river is whipping and very, very brown. so we're still feeling the effects from superstorm sandy. she's putting the cold air in our area, 30s. more on that straight ahead. >> all right. state officials have confirmed to us there have been three deaths related to sandy. >> a pasadena man lost his life yesterday when a tree fell on his home. >> brian kuebler spoke to his son. there's no way you can prepare
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for it. >> reporter: sandy took three lives, one of them in pasadena. the scene almost as tragic as the story. the 7700 block of suit drive has become an attraction, but for the family of 74-year-old donald con aado. >> he lived here. >> the son told us about his father, an jar. as his son boards up, he is haunted by the very last conversation the two had. >> i was standing in the doorway talking to him about it. he said what's the matter, son. he said i'm a little uptight. the trees are swaying.
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what's your big concern? he said a tree might fall. >> it happened last night. he was the only one in the home at the time. it took rescue crews almost 12 hours to remove the tree and get inside. >> absolutely. nothing else you can say other than it's a freak accident. severe weather. its with a rather large tree. a danger his son feared, now living the grim reality eye guess hindsight is 20/20. >> where do you go from here? >> well, we give them a place to rest and then we rebuild. >> reporter: again, two other marylanders died. one in montgomery county, one in
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prince george's county. one of those was traffic fatalities, brian kuebler reporting. >> sandy is being blamed for two other deaths. a man died in a car crash in prince george's county and a woman died in montgomery county. the hardest hit areas were harford and cecil efforts. >> roosevelt leftwich has more. >> reporter: it as been a beg battle trying -- big battle trying to get the leets back. at last estimate there's been about 30,000 homes and businesses in harford county that are still without power. crews have been trying to get down to different areas to try to take care of that. this is shucks lane near the churchville area a large tree fell and pulled the tops off of four or five different power
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poles. they had to cut through trees in order to bring the wires up because there was so much destruction around the area. harford county authorities said about 50 roads were closed at 4:00 this afternoon as they were trying to remove some of the debris. havre de grace had problems with flooding. however, at this time later today a lot of the flooding moved out. the big story has been the trees and power lines. a lot of them are contractors. we ran into a you from alabama. i saw the crew. a lot of the folks are coming into the area and have swarmed the area to restore a lot of the power. this route 40 corridor in harford county all the way up to havre de grace has had a sporadic outage. you might find a pocket here and
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a pocket less than a mile away. once again, the bge crews have been working to restore power and remove a lot of the trees in the county that have brought down power lines. >> just to show how that; i have friends in abingdon. they don't have power but the subdivision across the street, they do have power. problems are so bad on millers island that the national guard had to be called in. >> reporter: the national guard was camped out here as you said. there were here just in case. didn't look like they had any major emergency to deal w take a live look. you can see the back river area and how high the river was. usually the water is much lower. let's go over to that boat. you can see how high that is raised from the wart. it's coming close to kissing the
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bottom. today the water was much higher than this. the concern is when will these floodwaters going to recede. sandy may be moving on but she will not be forgotten. hear on miller's island the base still looks angry. >> there are times you just don't go outside. >> waves are still coming up over the bulkhead. >> reporter: flooded garages are the norm here post sandy, and it's going to take a while to clone up. still, residents are keeping a good attitude. >> you can see my grafnlgt water levels are higher. you clean it up. >> reporter: here, not far from the water, she thought she was ready for the super storm but sandy ripped through hard and fast, making a mess in her garage.
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>> before we left, we were in a hotel and raised as as we could. it's still awful. when the sun seens, it's a -- shines, it's a wonderful place to be. >> reporter: the maryland national guard camped out off millers road just in case. looks like the worst may be over. still, this mess will take a long time to clean up. >> living here, this is a privilege. we expect these things to happen. you prepare for them. >> reporter: back out here live, you can see how high the water went at its peak. that mildew gives you an indication of how bad it was. everyone has a wait and see attitude. will it keep raining. will the tide affect the rain waters. reporting for abc2 news.
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>> thanks a lot for that report. 2 million gallons an hour. that's how much raw sewage was flowing into the little patuxent river. >> how a power outage led to this environmental disaster. >> reporter: as wart from the little patuxent river covered the road heading to her house, she learned about the contamination eye learned about the sewage. i thought this was a septic tank, not that big. >> reporter: how about 2 million gallons of raw sewage each hour. when the power went off to the little patuxent plant, it spent sewage spilling into the river. you might have thought the reclaimation had a back up. it had one but it, too, failed.
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the howard county executive said the backup suffered a similar feat. >> two separate substations, power sources feed into this plant. historically, that has been enough to keep this plant operational. in this instance it was not. >> reporter: he said he had made this clear to the power company nat facility would be the top priority in the event of an outage. >> at 11:00 last night, it went down. the second feeder within the down. we notified bge right away, mema, maryland department of the hours to get it back up.over 12 so we want to work with bge to make sure this never happens again. >> reporter: as has 25 million gallons of sewage is headed toward the chesapeake bay. >> you need a plant to perform. it's a biological process. >> reporter: county leaders said
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the spill shouldn't pose a health threat. she isn't so sure. afterall, she's on her own system. >> i'm on a well and our wart is not that great anyway, but if it got close it would affect it. >> reporter: jeff hager. >> the county executive has ordered an audit of what went wrong. he also plans to review the names by which power is supplied to the plant and what may be needed to keep this from happening again. some customers are dealing with power outages from sandy. on giddings avenue in the city they are seeing outages. bge was on the scene, which was giving residents some hope. this time their power will come back on sooner than it did back in june.
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>> hopefully it will be a shorter duration this time. this was about a week last time. hopefully it will be a much quicker process. >> residents lost it about 1:00 this morning when a transformer blew. crews are working to restore power through the area. you don't usually expect to see snow before halloween, but thanks to sandy, some of the conditions are getting snowy. >> could we see snow? let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart who is dressed up as mike masco. >> we've used the storm -- term super storm. i don't think anyone's ever seen hurricane force winds and go 500 miles inland and you're talking about a blizzard. at one point west virginia had
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to close roads because tractor-trailers could not stay on the roads. we'll show you how bad it's been for the past 24 hours. we show you the radar first. it's still snowing toward the west, still reports of flurries in extreme western frederick county, a few by pockets, but it is snowing to beat the band by garrett, washington county. let's show you the camera in high definition, giving you an idea it's been snowing. it will melt and start back again. it's impressive stuff. here's winter green. winter wonderland showing some of the snow coming down. some of our viewers sending this in from snow shoe mountain resort. take a look at the snow. this is when it begafnlt watch as it starts to pile up. look at the snow drifts. can you believe that. two feet of snow will close in
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before all is said and done. any question about sandy? there it is. >> it's insane. >> we're still surveying the damage left behind by slain di here in baltimore. >> we're riding along with the crew, surveying the damage from hurricane sandy. i'm joce sterman. he'll have the full report coming up. >> we're heading down to the ocean to see how sandy is fairing there. >> and the downed power lines are dangerous.
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look like all the school systems -- i know howard county will be making that call by 6:00. >> as soon as we receive it, we
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will officially pass it on. >> in about 45 minutes we'll hear. you know, we've been seeing all sorts of storm damage today but we've been seeing it on dry land. >> joce? >> reporter: i could not hack it with the members of the coast guard there. were only one to three foot seas and they were whipping me around. i felt like it was a crisis. i want to show you this boat on back river. this is exactly where the coast guard wants to see your boat, docked up out of the water so they don't have to deal with you. we want to show you video from our tour of the chesapeake. they responded to know calls for search and rescue and that was a great thing. they were geared up and ready but luckily they did not have
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to. they were concerned about the very trech clearous -- treacherous water. this did go out today to survey storm damage and search for debris. all those tree limbs that fall down, the branches, those will eventually make their way into the bay and that becomes problematic for boaters. sometimes it hides below the surface. so the coast guard went to look for them and report them back. >> if it gets washed out into the bay, that's where we get into trouble with the boaters. the boaters coming out, especially at night, they won't be able to see the debris. it gets caught up around the pilings of the bay bridge. with that and the current
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swelling around it could be very dangerous coming out here. >> reporter: the coast guard's advice for today and actually tomorrow and the days moving forward, until all of this storm is gone, they are advising you to stay off the wart. they're prepared to do a rescue if they need to but would prefer to not put themselves at risk. as for storm damage, we cruised around the chesapeake bay, annapolis, heading toward the bay bridge. even the bay bridge mr. not see a lot of -- will not see a lot of damage. it came through, strong winds, high water, blew things around but there was not a lot of damage that we saw. the coast guard was relieved to see that. we'll show you more from our trip around the chesapeake coming up tonight at 6.
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joce sterman, abc2 news. >> thank you for that live report. >> you know that tree -- i've been watching trees all day long. that tree was leaning. these trees are scaring us to death eye saw one on the way to work on register and -- i can't think of the name of the street, huge tree tumbled right down on the playground. say it didn't come down or looks suspicious, you'll probably want that limb taken down. gusty conditions seem to of have gone away. that's good for us. people watch us on cable. if you happen to have it in -- in cumberland cumberland. just north of cumberland there. there it is. with's left of cumberland is impacting maryland. the cold air wrapping around that thing. i tell you. we are seeing some flakes
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flying, northern baltimore county into carroll county, into sykesville. cold temperatures, especially aloft where the radar is doing its scan. we're getting a little bit of a changeover. even though they're chilly, it will make you shiver but we are above freezing. look out to the west, talking about big snow where they had over two feet in cumberland. this guy is doing some digging here. they got the caterpillar working. let's take you back to the beaches where we can see the and of the ocean city pier, no longer there and sad to see it go but it his doing to be a big rebuild. man, what a storm, just tore the beach up. rehoboth, wart on the boardwalk -- water on the boardwalk. ocean city took a bigger hit with that south facing coastline
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as opposed to the east facing coastline. kent island, water levels up. we have a high tide to get through at 7. we're watching the harbor as well, of course, to see what happens. overthe next two days we're watching the susquehanna. that water flow has picked up and it's looking brown. 30s, 40s. winds have turned light, southwesterly. that's a cold wind wrapping around the center of sandy. it will continue to pull in that cold air and tough to get out of the 40s thanks to that raparound -- wraparound cold air. we'll get a couple of spitting showers over the next couple of days and the whole thing will clear out thursday and friday and better weather for the
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weekend. what a wild power house storm that was. that was superstorm sandy. as we look ahead wednesday into the middle part of the weekend, looks pretty de cent. we'll see a few showers lingering tonight and cool november like weather coming in behind sandy. we'll be back with more abc2 news right after this.
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now this is a party. mmm. i don't know, i think i might bail. yeah, it's pretty dead. [ male announcer ] one is never enough. new kfc dip'ems. freshly prepared tenders dipped in irresistible sauces. try a 3 piece combo for just $5. all right. superstorm sandy gave us a lesson on the dangers of a downed power. >> this town is being electrified. no word on if anyone was hurt but just amazing pictures.
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wow. governor chris christie said the storm's damage is beyond anything than i thought i would see. >> look what to this car in orange, new jersey. he was driving when he took a photo. he said there are a lot of trees and power lines in his neighborhood and right here too. he said things are calm today. take a look at this video from ash bury park. it cut off barrier island, swept houses from their foundations and washed away rides and destroyed some of the boardwalk. look at some of those pictures. ocean city was really hammered by sandy. >> and christian schaffer has been seeing it all. christian, people are upset when they saw the pier go.
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>> reporter: i'm trying to focus on the good news. no deaths no injuries despite a hard hitted a lot of flooding, especially on the bay side. the seawall held. the dunes held. there's a big cleanup but there really want the massive damage there could have been if sandy had come further to the south. this is what's going on on the beach right now. the sand that was pushed back toward the dunes is now being pushed back the other way, back toward the ocean. that's something the city along with the contractors and the hotels have to deal with to get back in place. the protection system that was started here back in 1991, this is in response to hurricane gloria, which is in '85. that project aimed at protecting the properties, they believe this would have bee worse.

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